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Renal Denervation for Treatment of Hypertension

In recent months, renal denervation has been approved as an alternative treatment for hypertension. The treatment is designed to treat drug-resistant hypertension and works by killing the sympathetic nerves in the walls of the renal arteries.

According to a recent article,, "The system was design…

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Blood-based next-generation sequencing tool may predict early acute kidney rejection

A recent study conducted at 14 sites and multiple centers internationally (Spain, Italy, France, Australia, US of America) showed that more tailored immunosuppression will help patients avoid the risks associated with transplant rejection. This next-generation sequencing tool may be able to predict …

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Psychological Distress May be Linked to Poor Self-Management of CKD

A recent article discussed recent research on the possible link between psychological distress and poor self-management of Chronic Kidney Disease. Of interest is that very similar findings have been found for dialysis patients. Key findings include - 27.2% of patients had psychological distress; and…

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Wrong sized blood pressure cuff tied to inaccurate readings, possible misdiagnoses

In recent studies it has been found that the size of the blood pressure cuff used (the focus was on automated blood pressure cuffs) could result in inaccurate readings. This misreading occurs when a "regular" adult size cuff is used instead of a large or extra large adult cuff. 

Specifically stu…

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Discussion, use of decision aids can improve mental health of patients with kidney disease

According to this article published on, patients with kidney disease are at an increased risk for mental health issues. In 2010, the percentage of patients on dialysis who were clinically depressed was 20%, now it's up to 40% - that's doubled in 10 years. We know that the COVID-19 crisis …

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FDA Investigating Potential Risk of Exposure to Toxic Compounds When Using Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis Systems

The FDA is continuing to assess the potential risk of toxic compounds found in silicon tubing used during dialysis, according to a press release. In May 2022, the FDA found the silicon tubing was being used in dialysis machines manufactured by Fresenius Medical Care. The FDA said it worked with Fres…

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Improving At Home Dialysis

With the population aging, there is a need for more home environmental treatment options for patients with kidney disease.

During the 2022 American Society of Nephrology (ASN) Annual Meeting in Orlando, investigators from Outset Medical presented new data on the Tablo Hemodialysis System, a dialy…

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Patients Who Receive Chronic Kidney Disease Education More likely to Choose Home Dialysis

In a recent study, analysis revealed that 38.5% of patients who received chronic kidney disease (CKD) education chose home dialysis as compared to 12.6% of those who did not receive CKD education. OF those receiving the education who chose home dialysis, nearly 60% used a permanent vascular access w…

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Patients on Dialysis Reported a Need for Increased Patient-Focused Resources

In an article recently published*, it was shown that patients on dialysis and patients receiving care for transplants expressed a need for increased patient-centered education and mental health resources. This is the very MISSION of the Carlisle-Williams Foundation (CWF).

As a former dialysis pat…

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