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Resources for Dialysis Patients who Need Financial Assistance

If you are a dialysis patients who is struggling with financial obligations complicated by the pandemic, there are resources that might be available to you. To learn more click the link below.


Preparing for a Disaster

As a person on dialysis, there are a number of concerns you could have in the event of a disaster. The disaster could be a winter storm, power outage, disease outbreak, sickness or accident that prevents you from getting your treatment. Whatever your situation may be there are a number of online resources that could be of value to you. I have also included some downloadable files as well.

If you need immediate assistance, call the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) help line at 1.855.NKF.CARES (1.855.653.2273) or the Kidney Community Emergency Response (KCER) hotline at 1.866.901.3773. 

Here are some links for you to visit.

Emergency Meal Planning - National Kidney Foundation

What to Do in an Emergency if You Need Dialysis - Centers for Disease Control

Getting Care and Medications in an Emergency - Medicare

Dialysis Care After a Disaster - Centers for Disease Control

Download Emergency Diet

Download National Preparedness Calendar

ESRD Patient News Special Summer Edition

The new edition of the ESRD Patient News newsletter is available for viewing and download. Click the button above or click here to access the newsletter.

Benefits of Physical Activity for Adults

Click the link below to view a downloadable and sharable document that shows the benefits of physical activity for adults. No matter your current physical ability or the health challenges, you can incorporate physical activity into your life and experience the benefits.

Remember, you are not competing with anyone so there is no end goal or race to the finish. It's just making small everyday changes to your life that will improve your quality of living.

Downloadable File of Benefits to Incorporating Physical Movement